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Argentine Red Shrimp

(Pleoticus muelleri) know as Argentine Red Shrimp or Patagonian King Prawn are becoming commonplace in many people’s fridges due to the product’s quality.

Their distinct flavor originates from their natural habitat. Argentine Red Shrimp are caught in the icy cold, clean waters just off Argentina gives them a very delicate texture and a lovely sweet taste of the sea.

They are red and also larger than other shrimp species.

Argentine red Shrimp are:

  • Low in calories and fat.
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins, especially B12.
  • Contain a decent amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Vima presents Argentine Red Shrimp in different presentations to meet customer needs. Whole, peeled tails. Argentine Red Shrimp are very versatile and easy to cook and can be used in almost any dish. 

They require minimal cooking and are just lovely grilled or sautéed in a pan over very low heat. Pasta dishes are a favorite or even stir-fry dishes.

Available in:

Whole L1 (10-20 pieces/kg), L2(21-30 pieces/kg), L3 (31-40pieces/kg)

  • 2kg/4.4lb carton


  • 2kg/4.4lb carton, size C1 (30-55pieces/kg)
  • IQF, 2lb bag, sizes 16/20 & 21/25


  • IQF, 1kg bag, 10kg carton
  • IQF, 2lb bag, 22lb caton
Jumbo shrimp salad with salmon roe
Delicious gourmet salad prepared with jumbo shrimp, with a firm texture and intense flavor. As a gastronomic alternative, salmon roe; it will provide an exquisite flavor and refined finish.
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Black Tiger Shrimp

(Penaeus monodon) is commonly referred to as Black Tiger Shrimp. The Black Tiger Shrimp’s natural range is vast, from the east coast of Africa, throughout the Indian Ocean, and in South Asia.

Black Tiger Shrimp are named for their large size and striped tails and can reach a length of over a foot in some cases.

Black Tiger Shrimp has a crisp bite or snap and a delightful shrimp taste. Shrimp can be seasoned and used in an infinite variety of preparations.

Black Tiger Shrimp are:

  • An excellent source of minerals such as Selenium and Copper.
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • A great source of Vitamin B12, B3 and vitamin E

Vima Black Tiger Shrimp are presented Head-on, Shell-on, and sizes can range from 2 to 4 shrimps per kilo, 4-6, 6-8, and 8-12.

Black Tiger Shrimp can be boiled, sautéed, and are great on the grill.

Available in:

  • HOSO, 1kg carton, 10kg box

Brown Crab

Brown Crab (Cancer Pagurus), is found in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

It has a robust carapace, reddish-brown. It has two large front claws with a black pincer at the tip and eight walking legs.

They are frequently found in cracks and holes in rocks. They are found in depths between 6m and 80m, with the larger crab occurring offshore.

Like most seafood, the Brown Crab contains many essential nutrients:

  • It’s particularly rich in protein and Vitamin B12.
  • High in Selenium is an important antioxidant.

Vima Brown Crab is caught using crab pots similar to lobster pots, in Northern Europe.

This fishing method has a low impact on the environment and is very selective, thereby significantly limiting the by-catch of other species.

Vima Brown Crab is presented cooked and individually vacuum-packed.

All in all, Brown Crab excels in both flavor and is an accessible top-shelf ingredient.

Available in:

  • IVP, 10kg/22lb box

Carabinero Shrimp

Carabinero Shrimp or Scarlet Shrimp, (Plesiopenaeus spp), is a large, deep-sea crustacean that’s native from the Eastern Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. They are renowned for the jumbo size and very striking bright red color.

Carabinero Shrimp are:

  • Rich source of protein.
  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It contains several minerals and vitamins.

Vima Carabinero Shrimp are presented raw.

Their distinct red color does not change when cooked. They are more robust in flavor to most other shrimp and are also coveted for their larger size.

Excellent meat in their tail and its head is excellent for making paellas and robust stews. They can also be served whole.

Available in:

  • 1kg box

Chilean Mussels

Mussel (Mytilus spp) is an abundant and nutritious mollusk. Blue mussels are regularly shaped with light ridges running around the shell. They vary in color from light brown through dark blue or black.

Meat colors also vary from creamy to brown and orange. The soft parts enclosed by the shell are all edible.

Mussels are sweet, plump, and tender with a somewhat firmer bite than a clam and have a distinctive rich, sweet taste.

Mussels are:

  • High in protein and low in fat.
  • Offer high levels of iron.
  • A great source of Vitamins A and B12 and are a decent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Vima Chilean Mussels are from Chile, pre-cooked and ready to eat once thawed. We offer various formats to satisfy customer needs.

Mussels are one of the most excellent foods to include in your diet. Prepared in a classic Moule mariniére or a Thai curry or steamed, you can rest assured they are always delicious and a great healthy choice.

Available as:

Whole mussel

  • VP, 35.2 OZ/2.2lb/1kg bag

Half Shell mussel

  • 32 OZ/2lb/907g bag
  • IQF, granel/bulk pack

Mussel meat

  • 16 OZ/1lb/454g bag
  • IQF, bulk pack
Mussels with spicy tomato fresh sauce
A low-calorie and always a delicious recipe. Mussels are a great energy source. Ideal as a starter, for a dinner or a snack accompanied by a good white wine or beer.
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Cooked Shrimp

White shrimp, as it is most commonly known, or (Litopenaeus vannamei) is the most successful aquaculture shrimp of all farm-raised shrimp. In 1996, commercial production began in Asia, and especially in China and India. The U.S. is the largest consuming market, followed by Japan and Europe.

Cooked Shrimp is:

  • Low in calories.
  • Offer a beneficial dose of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Excellent source of protein.
  • Rich in vitamin b-12 and niacin, iron, zinc, and copper.

Vima Cooked Shrimp is packed and processed in a variety of different forms:

  • Cooked shrimp, peeled, deveined, and Tail on. Shrimp count sizes per pound (the smaller the count size, the larger the shrimp):16/20, 21/25, 41/50, 51/60, 71/90.
  • Cooked shrimp, peeled, deveined, and Tail off. Shrimp count sizes per pound (the smaller the count size, the larger the shrimp): 41/50, 51/60, 61/70, 71/90.

Quality shrimp should have a bite or snap and a pleasant shrimp taste. Shrimps can be seasoned and used in an infinite variety of preparations.

Available in:


  • 32 OZ./2lb/907gr bag, 20lb/9.1kg carton


  • 2lb/907gr bag, 22lb/10kg carton
  • 1kg bag, 10kg carton
  • Bulk pack, 22lb/10kg carton
Fresh jumbo shrimp salad in avocado carpaccio
This shrimp salad will be everyone's favorite at home. It is a perfect recipe for the hot season as it is very fresh. It is a simple but delicious meal that you will love.
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Cuttlefish is a cephalopod, a marine mollusk with a unique internal calcified shell commonly known as a cuttlebone, related to squid and octopus. They have eight arms and two tentacles.

They eat small crabs, shrimps, and some types of fish. Mostly shallow-water animals, although they can go to great depths, found in tropical and temperate coastal waters.

Man uses cuttlefish as a source of food, a source of black ink, and we use the cuttlebone, as a dietary supplement providing calcium for cage birds.

Health benefits of cuttlefish:

  • Very low in saturated fat.
  • Good source of vitamin C, B12.
  • An excellent source of protein and calcium.

Vima presents cuttlefish perfectly cleaned in various sizes with the black ink used in pasta dishes and risotto.

The meat of the cuttlefish has a meatier texture than squid and also sweeter in flavor. Chefs much love ink for its rich, seaweedy flavor and its tar-black glossiness.

Available in:

Clean cuttlefish, 500-1000 units/kg

  • QF, bulk pack, 10kg/22lb carton

Clean cuttlefish 20/40 & 40/60 units/kg

  • IQF, bulk pack, 10kg/22lb carton


  • Glass jar 180g, 30 units/carton
  • 4gr bags, 50 bags per case, 36 cases per carton
Black fish-based noodles with cuttlefish and carabinero shrimp foam
Black fideuá recipe with cuttlefish and red prawns, Vima Foods version. Its intense sea flavor and the original black color make it perfect to show off one day with guests.
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European Lobster

European lobster, (Homarus Gammarus), is found in the Eastern North Atlantic from Norway south to Portugal. They live in crevices in the rocks as its habitat for shelter.

European lobster:

  • Contain Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • A great source of Selenium, copper and contains zinc and phosphorus.
  • High in vitamin B-12 and vitamin E.

Lobsters are now seen as a delicacy. Typically prepared by boiling or steaming. Should include this lean, delicious seafood in your diet.

Vima European Lobster is presented both cooked or raw. It can be eaten as a main course as your main protein source or added to rich dishes like pasta and in rice dishes.

Available in:

  • Size 1,5/UP, 10kg approx. box
Seafood stew Galician style
It is always the right time for a good fish and seafood stew and if it is Galician, even more so. It is a traditional dish of Spanish cuisine, very appropriate to serve in any celebration.
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Illex Squid. Todarodes Squid. Dosidicus Squid.

All three are species of squid.

Illex Squid is found mainly along the Argentine coastline in South America. It has a strong mantle with long arms. They can live in a variety of depths ranging from the surface up to almost 750 meters. It feeds on other species of squid, crabs, shrimp, and other small fish.

Todarodes Squid is one of the most abundant commercially valuable squids in the world and occupies waters of the eastern North Atlantic Ocean.

Dosidicus Squid, also known as Humboldt squid or Jumbo squid, inhabits the Pacific Ocean from north to south. A colossal squid can weigh up to 50 kg and have a mantle length of up to 2m.

All three squid species are a significant fishery in the world, even though their lifespan is only about one year.

They are:

  • An excellent source of minerals, especially Selenium.
  • Rich in vitamin B12.

Vima offers three different squid species, (Illex Argentinus), (Todarodes Pacificus) and (Dosidicus Gigas). Mild and subtly sweet taste. Firm and meaty texture.

Available as:

Todarodes Pacificus & Illex Argentinus


  • 16 oz/1lb/454g bag
  • IQF, bulk pack, 22lb/10kg carton


  • 16 oz/1lb/454g bag
  • IQF, bulk pack, 22lb/10kg carton

Dosidicus Gigas


  • 16 oz/1lb/454g bag
  •   IQF, bulk pack, 22lb/10kg carton


  • 16 oz/1lb/454g bag
  • IQF, bulk pack, 22lb/10kg carton


  • 2X10kg blocks, 20kg/44lb sack
  • IQF, bulk pack, 20kg/44lb carton


  • 2X10kg blocks, 20kg/44lb sack

Lobster (Spiny Lobster)

The Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) is found throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico and south to Brazil.

Lobsters make their homes in crevices in coral reefs. Nocturnal as they feed at night and return to their crevice before sunrise.

They vary in color from almost white to dark red-orange. Spiny lobsters have a soft texture and a very delicate flavor. Lobster meat is hugely prized as the meat is delicious.

Lobsters are:

  • A rich source of copper and Selenium.
  • Rich in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E.
  • A source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Vima presents its Spiny Lobster whole and also in Lobster tails, which are typically graded in ounces from 5oz to a maximum of 20oz.

Lobster is a type of shellfish that is typically prepared by boiling or steaming. Enjoyed as a main course or added to your favorite pasta dish or sandwich.

Available as:

Whole lobster from 350g to 1200g

  • Individual packaging, box 10kg/221b

Lobster Tail from 5 OZ

  • Individual packaging, box 4.53kg

Loligo Squid

Squid, also called calamari in various countries, is a cephalopod mollusk with eight arms, two tentacles, and a tubular shaped body. They swim tail-first by pumping water through valves located near their head.

The health benefits of squid are:

  • High in protein and low in fat.
  • Good source of vitamin B12 and B6.
  • High in minerals such as Selenium.

Vima presents Baby Squid, a mainstay on many restaurant menus, usually seen battered and deep-fried. A great snack food.

Deliciously versatile in the kitchen as it lends itself to so many styles of cooking. Grilling or searing them in a hot pan, tossing them in a plate of pasta or on a bowl of rice.

Available as:

Baby squid 10-20 cm

  • 600gr bag, 6kg carton
  • IQF, bulk pack

Baby squid 3-6 cm

  • Block, 1lb bag
Spanish sea food paella from Rias Baixas
The seafood paella is, perhaps, the most popular of the paellas. Dare with our recipe, Galician seafood, and crustaceans are as well known as crab, Galician shrimp, lobster... they will be the kings of your table.
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Octopus is a cephalopod with eight arms, not tentacles, lined with suction cups. They have almost entirely soft bodies with no internal skeleton. They are found in tropical, subtropical, and temperate waters around the world.

Highly intelligent, sharp eyesight, an outstanding sense of touch, and have built-in defense mechanisms.

Nutritionally is a complete food, highlighting:

  • High mineral content, standing out zinc.
  • High protein intake.
  • Vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B5.
  • Low cholesterol content.

Typical in Mediterranean cuisines. Vima Octopus is presented in many forms, to satisfy every customer need as the octopus is versatile.

Octopus can be tough and is best tenderized by boiling in water before preparation.

Precious seafood in many parts of the world. It can be eaten raw, cooked, dried, or smoked.

Available as:

Whole Octopus

  • Tray 1200-2000g, boxes 17kg / 37lb approx.

Cooked Octopus Tentacle

  • Tray 10.05 OZ / 300g, box 10kg / 22lb
Grilled octopus skewer
The octopus has a tender texture and a fresh flavor that evokes the sea, and is the perfect complement to delight ourselves with some grilled skewers, either alone, accompanied with vegetables, or other ingredients.
Check out this recipe
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