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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a generic term used to describe cheese produced with either cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, and goat’s milk; however, most Blue Cheeses are made from cow’s milk.
It generally has a sharp and sometimes piquant flavor and a characteristic aroma. This cheese is often quite salty.

Some blue cheese, like Roquefort from France or Gorgonzola from Italy, is ripened in caves as the cave’s stable and moist conditions impart a peculiar and characteristic character to the cheese.

Blue cheese is:

  • Low in fat and high in sodium content.
  • Excellent source of protein and a very good source of phosphorous.
  • An excellent source of calcium.

Vima Blue Cheese is sourced in Denmark, made from cow’s milk, with a 50% fat content and a 3kg format.

It is characterized by blue veins or spots of mold throughout the body of the cheese done during the production stage of the cheese. This process softens the texture and allows the cheese to develop a distinctive blue cheese flavor.
Intense in aroma and slightly salty.

Blue Cheese is best when served with crackers, walnuts, and especially on salads or paired with fruits.

It adds some class to a simple salad or on its own alongside a glass of wine.

Available in:

  • Approx. 3kg wheel


Butter is a dairy product. Butter is made by separating whole milk or cream into fat and buttermilk. The fat is then compressed and cooled into blocks of butter.

Often used directly as a condiment or melted for frying, although it is also often used in baking. There are mainly two types of butter, salted and unsalted butter, where the salt is mainly used for preservation and adds flavor.

Butter is:

  • A good source of vitamin A and E.
  • Contains CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid.
  • Contains Butyrate.

Vima Butter is made in Belgium. Unsalted and with 82% fat gives it a delightful texture and a rich flavor.

With different presentations, 125g block and also an 8g single portion.

A wonderful ingredient on bread or to cook or bake with.

Available in:

  • 8g
  • 125g

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese, originally from the English village of Cheddar in the UK, is a very popular cheese worldwide and is always made from cow’s milk.

It’s a hard and natural cheese with a tendency to melt in your mouth smooth in texture and range from white to pale yellow.

Cheddar Cheese is:

  • A great source of Calcium.
  • Has a large concentration of essential nutrients.
  • High in proteins.

Vima Cheddar Cheese is made in the United Kingdom.

Vima offers the Red Cheddar Cheese variety, which is more orange or red and with different levels of maturity.

It has a mild, slightly nutty, and sometimes having a sweet flavor. Maturing time has a direct effect on the flavor, and therefore mild cheddars are creamier than mature cheddars.

It is presented in a bar format ideal for slicing or grating before being added to any pasta dish or presented on any cheeseboard. A great cheese on any grilled cheese sandwich.

Available in:

  • Approx. 2.5kg loaf

Combi White Cheese

Combi White Cheese is often mistaken as Feta Cheese, which could be considered a very close relative. Combi White Cheese has its origins in the Mediterranean area and is said to be thousands of years old.

It is made from skimmed milk. It´s a lovely soft and salty cheese perfect for adding to any salad or bread.

It´s softer than Feta Cheese and somewhat smoother inconsistency without the holes in the cheese.

Combi White Cheese is:

  • Packed with protein.
  • Rich source of vitamins and minerals.
  • High in Calcium.

Vima Combi White Cheese is made in Denmark.

This cheese is just perfect for that summer salad and also in Greek cuisine. It can also be used to replace other types of cooking cheeses in Lasagna or your favorite pizza.

Available in:

  • Can 4kg

Edam Cheese

Edam Cheese finds its origins in the Netherlands. It is made from either cow’s milk or goat milk allowing the cheese to attain its savory flavor.

More mature Edam Cheese intensify in taste, and a younger cheese will be creamier and milder with a nutty flavor.

Edam Cheese is:

  • An excellent source of protein.
  • Rich in calcium.
  • High in essential nutrients and vitamins B12, B9.

Vima Edam Cheese is made in the Netherlands. Edam Cheese goes very well with fruit like peaches, apricots, and cherries, to name a few. Great on its own, with crackers, biscuits, and wine.

Available in:

  • Approx. 3kg loaf

Emmental Cheese

Emmental Cheese is produced in Switzerland, originated in the area around Emmental. A hard unpasteurized cheese made from cow’s milk.

With a lovely sweet aroma, the flavor of Emmental Cheese is very fruity. It has characteristic walnut-sized holes that make the cheese one of the most challenging cheese to be produced because of this peculiar hole-forming fermentation process.

Emmental cheese is:

  • High in protein and vitamins A, B12, and K2.
  • Rich in minerals such as Phosphorous and Copper.
  • An excellent source of Calcium

Vima Emmental Cheese is sourced in France, and it has 45% fat content.

Emmental Cheese makes it ideal for fondues or any cheese that requires melting. It has excellent melting properties that make it so unique.

It can be used in gratins and casseroles, on a grilled cheese sandwich, on any pasta dish, or only on its own with fruit and nuts.

Available in:

  • Approx. 4kg portions

Grana Padano Cheese

The Cistercian monks created Grana Padano Cheese in the 12th Century and are still today made throughout the Po River Valley in Italy, where it originated. Made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and generally aged for two years.

Grana means grainy in Italian, which is reflected in the fine granular texture of the cheese.

It has an intensely sweet flavor. When Grana Padano cheese ages, the flavor becomes more pronounced, even more, savory and more complex, and the cheese’s texture becomes more crumbly.

Grana Padano cheese:

  • Has high content in proteins.
  • Is a great source of Calcium.
  • It also has Iodine, Selenium, and Magnesium and is rich in vitamin B12.

Vima Grana Padano cheese has a protected certificate of origin, which guarantees its authenticity.

It is manufactured in cylindrical wheels measuring 35 to 45 cm in diameter and up to 18 cm in height. They are sold at different ripening stages from 6 to 9 months up to 20 months.

The color of the cheese is pale yellow, it is an excellent cheese used in pasta dishes and risottos.

Available in:

  • Wheel 38kg approx

Grated Parmesan Style Cheese

Parmesan Style Cheese is a grainy texture hard cheese, made with cow milk.

Parmesan Style Cheese is:

  • A good source of protein.
  • Rich in vitamins A, B6, and B12.
  • An excellent source of Calcium.

Vima Grated Parmesan style Cheese comes from Italy.

It is made from cow´s milk, yellow with a pleasant and persistent aroma and somewhat salty flavor.

Over your favorite pasta or used in soups and risottos is always a great option.

Available in:

  • Bag 1kg

Maasdam Cheese

Maasdam cheese is a traditional Dutch cheese. A semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk.

One of its most characteristic features is the holes that make up most of the cheese.
A pale yellow cheese in color with a creamy texture and a sweet buttery and nutty taste. A high-fat cheese with a minimum of 45% fat.

Maasdam cheese is:

  • Very high in protein content.
  • Loaded with Calcium.
  • Rich in vitamins.

Vima Maasdam Cheese comes from the Netherlands.

When eaten young, it tastes great in a sandwich or as a snack.

It melts well and therefore goes well in casseroles, soups, or fondues.

Available in:

  • Wheel 13kg Approx.

Manchego Cheese

The Manchego Cheese is produced in the La Mancha region of Spain. Made from pasteurized sheep’s milk and is by far one of the most popular cheeses from Spain.

It is important to note that authentic Manchego Cheese is only made from the Manchego Sheep’s milk.

The cheese rind is edible and has a distinctive and traditional herringbone basket weave pattern pressed on it.

Manchego cheese is available in many varieties depending on its age: Fresco, under two weeks old, Semi Curado, Curado, and Viejo, which is aged from 1 to 2 years.

The cheese’s flavor depends on its age going from rich and mild flavor to sharp and crumbly in texture with a sweet lingering taste. Its colors range from pale white to yellow and ocher tones.

Manchego cheese is:

  • A great source of Calcium.
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • High in protein content.

Vima Manchego cheese has a protected certificate of origin.

Use it as a table cheese and cooking too as it melts well, pairs nicely with honey, dates, quince, and grapes.

Available in:

  • Wheel 3.5kg Approx.

Parmesan Style Cheese

Parmesan Style Cheese is a grainy texture hard cheese, made with cow milk.

Parmesan Style Cheese is:

  • A good source of protein.
  • Rich in vitamins A, B6, and B12.
  • An excellent source of Calcium.

Vima Parmesan Cheese is made in Lithuania.

It is made from cow’s milk, yellow with a pleasant and persistent aroma and somewhat salty flavor.

Mostly grated over pasta or used in soups and risottos or excellent on its own or snack.

Available in:

  • Wheel 4Kg. approx.

Provolone Cheese

An Italian Cheese from southern Italy made from cow’s milk.

The production of Provolone Cheese is done under strict supervision using specific methods to guarantee its supreme quality by the European Union.

Semi-hard in texture depending on the aged of the cheese. Pale yellow and with a sweet taste.

A very popular cheese that is:

  • High in protein.
  • Rich in Calcium.
  • A good source of Vitamin A and B.

Vima Provolone cheese is made in Italy with pasteurized cow’s milk from Lombardy and contains 45% fat content.

It melts well and combines perfectly with red wine and fruit, making it an excellent table cheese.

Available in:

  • Bar 11kg Approx.
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